5.31.19 | Family Documentary Photography

Today’s installment of #documentfamilyfriday is brought to you by Plant City, FL (mostly). We had a wonderful and scorching-hot past five days with family.  It’s always a struggle as a photographer on vacation – the drive to constantly want to document every second of the fun and the equally strong pull towards putting the camera down and being in the moment.  While I carried it with me every day, I only kept it in my hand for about a day and a half.  I think it was a good compromise.  The majority of the images are from the day we visited Bok Tower Gardens, which is a fantastic and beautiful place with lots to do for all ages.  They had fun, physical activities for the kids such as rope ladders, log climbing, musical instruments, and hammocks for resting.  Plus, the view and the breeze from the top of the hill can’t be beat. I couldn’t get enough of the Spanish moss laden trees and the sweet chimes of the carillon bells.  But the best part of our trip was seeing the bond grow between our kids and their Tio and Tia and cousin Katherine.  Layla cried most of the way through the airport and has told me multiple times since that she wants to live in Florida…  Safe to say, we’ll need to plan another visit soon!  We took advantage of our one warm day this week to do some water play this afternoon.  Grandma Trudy even helped Layla create a waterslide!

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