6.28.19 | Documentary Family Photography

This week’s sun-soaked #documentfamilyfriday is here! We are getting out into the sunshine as much as possible before it gets too unbearably hot (which in my opinion is already here, as I’m not a fan of hot weather). I’ve also included a few bathroom renovation photos to help document our journey of changing it from an ugly brown and black mess to a bright and airy grey and white.  We’ve already run into a few big issues, one of which is that the previous owners laid tile on top of existing linoleum without removing the latter first. Because of this, they also grouted the wood trim to the tile which is making it extremely difficult to remove.  Trying to take things in stride though, I’m really looking forward to pulling up my sleeves and completing the project. Especially considering we have several visitors scheduled to stay next month.

Side note regarding the restaurant images below: anyone else’s kids hold toys very close to their face and intensely talk/yell at them?  I’m thinking this kid has a future in management.

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