7.12.19 | Documentary Family Photography

This #documentfamilyfriday post practically smells of summer! My best friend from college came up to stay with us for a long weekend over the holiday with her son.  Our kids got along famously (as we knew they would) and we wanted to give them a fun little celebration.  Rather than giving our little crazies flaming sticks to run around with, we got the genius idea to line the driveway and light them all up.  Clearly it didn’t work out as well as planned because they were significantly underwhelmed with the tiny lights in the grass… The “snakes” and snap poppers were a much bigger hit.

I also got my new rug delivered for our three season porch and I’m in love! Makes the space looks so much more inviting and cozy. I spent one of the cooler mornings out there for breakfast and wondered why in the world I don’t do it more often. We had a lazy morning on Wednesday and the kids did some playing and exploring in the yard in their PJs.  Isn’t that what summer is for?

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