7.19.19 | Documentary Family Photography

My first late #documentfamilyfriday post, but for good reason.  Yesterday was spent celebrating my cousin Lexi and her new husband, Christian on their wedding day! Despite some light rain during the first part of the ceremony, (they say that’s good luck anyway!) the day went beautifully.  The venue was gorgeous with hundreds of handmade papel picado strung from above and lovely pink flower arrangements, the cozy furniture and handmade mantels and bars for serving drinks, the vegan meal was absolutely delicious, the mariachi band and DJ kept us dancing all night, the hilarious photo booth, and the delicious candy and hot sauce souvenirs are scattered around my computer as I type. I only took a couple of photos the entire day because I wanted to experience it and enjoy the festivities, but it was definitely candy for the eyes!

Now without further ado, here’s last week’s images.  Layla and Owen are really starting to enjoy playing together, and this week includes a lot of bonding time between them.  I love that! I also turned on the live-stream of the Apollo 11 takeoff in real time on Youtube for the 50th anniversary on Tuessday.  She watched for a few minutes and then decided she was no longer impressed… but I thought it was pretty neat.  Looking forward to watching the coverage of the moon landing again today. Last, my sister and brother-in-law are here for the week and we’ve had lots of fun! Wes treated us to a clean house and dinner on the table on Thursday while we were out, and they’ve both been doing lots of playing and hide and go seek with the kids. Summer is the best!

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