8.02.19 | Documentary Family Photography

This week has been exceptionally limited due to being out of town in PA last weekend to help shoot a wedding, followed by me throwing my back out randomly on Monday and still being largely incapacitated. My poor kids have had way more screen time than they should and they’ve barely made it out of their pajamas on most days, but I haven’t had much of a choice.  The struggle of getting them in and out of car seats, let alone shopping carts or playing at the park has been too excruciating to attempt.  I can’t even tie my own shoes… as documented below.  That combined with Mike’s exceptionally busy work week and his own stressors he’s been dealing with, it’s been a bit of a rough week.  I’ve started seeing a chiropractor and am really hoping that with the daily exercises and upcoming adjustments things will be back to normal soon! Really grateful that my parents are nearby and are willing to help out. That being said, hope you enjoy this week’s #documentfamilyfriday.

The cool morning breezes and this melodic wind chime have been my saving grace this week. We’ve had a lot of ‘visitors’ this week in our yard.  Thank goodness our vegetables are safely contained. Can you spot her in the distance?

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