8.16.19 | Documentary Family Photography

This week’s #documentfamilyfriday sums up pretty acutely our last few weeks…

Since hurting my back, I’ve been spending a lot of time at Duncan Chiropractic Group over the past three weeks.  They’ve been amazing – getting me in immediately for my first ’emergency’ appointment and before long, greeting me by name when I arrive.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Solverson and he’s been so helpful and kind while getting me back to my normal pain-free routine! Mike has also been very busy with work and house projects.  He worked all last weekend to get the new wall of our half bathroom put up and mudded. He took a rare few minutes to himself this week to relax, so I had to be sure to include them in this week’s post. We’ve also been hurrying to finish Layla’s goal of reading 100 books over the summer.  We were on track and ahead of schedule in June… then our schedule got crazy!  When we got started, I was a little ambitious and decided we should only include each book the first time we read them.  So, rereads don’t count.  Now that we are in the last final days before school, this decision is starting to come back to haunt me!  But we are determined to finish her first goal for school and proud that we’ve read over and above the requirement.

We also spent an impromptu afternoon at the splash pad yesterday, because well, summer is almost over.  Anyone who has spent time with Owen over the last couple of months knows he’s been obsessed with snacking on yogurt raisins. When my sister and brother-in-law headed home a few weeks ago, they left him with a large stash as a parting gift, ha!

My initial goal for this project was until Layla started school.  I’m not entirely sure if I’ll keep it up through this fall.  There’s been a lot of things I’ve loved about documenting these little yahoos on a regular basis, but it hasn’t been without its challenges and I’m open to some other ideas. We shall see.

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