{Love Highlighted}: Holly & Brian

Hmm, how shall I even begin this blog post? I think I’ll pour a glass of wine and reminisce a while…

Holly and I go back basically as far as I can remember. We’ve known each other since we were about five years old, sitting on our kindergarten teacher’s multicolored carpet, learning our letters and numbers. One of my earliest memories is her first sleepover birthday party, playing hide and go seek with her hilarious Uncle Bum. We’ve stayed close friends throughout the years – riding bikes through the neighborhood on long summer days, goofing around as doubles partners on the JV tennis team, sharing a locker for most of high school, becoming (not so) fierce rivals while I went to Western Michigan University and she went to Central Michigan University (Go Broncos!), not to mention when she stood up in our wedding four short years ago. Despite the fact that our communication now exists primarily through text messages, I’m grateful that we still find the time to chat. I remember when she first started telling me about Brian after their first date. It seemed like a match made in heaven the way they were interested in so many of the same things. When she asked if I’d be interested in shooting a few images for a save the date, of course I couldn’t say no! It’s obvious that they are just smitten with each other, and I’m so so happy that my friend has found such an amazing guy to spend her life with. I will not be working on her wedding day, but rather partying it up and celebrating in style as Matron of Honor – and I can’t wait!

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