Adventures in Gardening

My husband used to be an avid gardening hobbyist and started a small garden at his mom’s house while in high school.  It soon grew into a large section of the backyard, full of flourishing plants of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and more. I remember the first time meeting his mom and being impressed by the hanging grapevines along the walkway and enjoying the delicious produce brought in each day.  Mike decided this year would be a great opportunity to introduce Layla to learning how to plant and harvest veggies and was able to sign up for their own plot in the Attleboro Land Trust Community Garden. They were lucky enough to get the last guaranteed spot and were so excited!  Unfortunately I manage to kill nearly every green thing I come into contact with (thank God kids are easier to keep alive than plants!) but I’m also looking forward to helping where I can on this fun project.  I will also use my skills the way I best know how and document it from start to finish so we have a great keepsake for the summer of 2018 and the fruits of our labor.  Love having another excuse for activities outside in the sunshine!

March 10: Planting the seedlings

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