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I had the wonderful opportunity this summer to photograph Shelbie and Blaine’s wedding, located in Quincy, MA.  Their ceremony was intimate and special, as it took place in the small chapel of Bethany Congregational Church and they chose the occasion to dedicate their two year old son at the same time.  After a quick trip to the park for some portraits and time alone for the newlyweds, (and a quick splash in the fountain to cool our toes in the sun soaked heat!) the reception that followed offered lots of great music, fun, and delicious food at The Fours. Big congratulations again, Shell and Blaine, and all the best to you and your family!

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting alongside my friend and ‘dream team’ partner Kristina of Km Smith Photography for this wedding.  This couple was one of the friendliest and down to earth I’ve ever worked with, and they knew how to throw an excellent party!  The wedding was small and intimate within the cozy Endicott Estate in Dedham, MA, but after the sun went down and the music turned up, there was lots of fun had by all.  (Coincidentally it was also the first time I heard The Bieb’s summer hit, Despacito… and so glad I did, ha!)

There were so many moments and lovely images to choose from, it was hard to pare down – so hope you enjoy reliving the day with me below!

Spring has finally arrived to New England and soon we’ll be gearing up for another wedding season.  I realized that despite having the opportunity to shoot 11 unique and special weddings last year, I’ve barely showcased any of my hard work!  What can I say, I guess working full time, commuting into the city five days a week, spending precious time with my family on the weekends, and busy shooting schedules sometimes get in the way.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from Cassie & Scott’s July 4th wedding on Cape Cod that I created for Km Smith Photography:

Cassie 1Cassie_0017Cassie_0018Cassie_0019Cassie_0020Cassie_0021Cassie_0054Cassie_0050Cassie_0024Cassie_0052Cassie_0026Cassie_0027Cassie_0028Cassie_0029Cassie_0031Cassie_0032Cassie_0033Cassie_0034Cassie_0035Cassie_0037Cassie_0038Cassie_0039Cassie_0040Cassie_0041Cassie_0042Cassie_0044Cassie_0047Cassie_0045

My first wedding of the year shooting for Km Smith Photography happened to take place on my sister’s wedding anniversary, so I knew it would turn out to be special!  It was well worth the drive to the North Shore for this unique ceremony, which took place at Midnight Moon Stables.  It was a bit of a scorcher with the sun shining bright and hot the entire day, but it couldn’t have been more beautiful! I’ll never turn down the opportunity to photograph a pretty girl, her beau, and her horse. <3


This wedding may have taken place last summer, but it was one of my favorites in 2014 that I had the pleasure of shooting with Kristina Smith of Km Smith Photography. It was a roller coaster of a day, starting out with an urgent phone call from Kristina that she had been in a scary car accident. Shaken up and a little bruised but otherwise in okay shape, she was determined to carry on with the day so I was at the ready for whatever was needed! After shuffling some plans around, we made it to the venue perfectly on time and ended up having an incredibly fun marathon of a day. Meanwhile our lovely bride and groom were none the wiser, which is exactly what we wanted.

We started the day at the Marriott Long Wharf, where the bridal party got dressed in their best, then moved out into the courtyard for the couple’s ‘first look’. The ceremony took place at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in East Boston and then we finished out the evening at the New England Aquarium, as Heather has always loved visiting here and has a small (ok, major) obsession with mermaids. (Just check out her ah-mazing mermaid dress she quick-changed into for the last few minutes of the reception. What a knock out!) In the end we spent the day at an incredibly unique venue, with a fun and relaxed bridal party, and it was all topped off with a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for the road. What more could two photographers ask for?


HAWED_0001 HAWED_0003 HAWED_0004 HAWED_0005 HAWED_0006 HAWED_0007 HAWED_0008 HAWED_0009 HAWED_0010 HAWED_0011 HAWED_0012 HAWED_0013 HAWED_0014 HAWED_0015 HAWED_0016

HAWED_0017 HAWED_0019 HAWED_0020 HAWED_0021 HAWED_0022 HAWED_0023 HAWED_0024 HAWED_0025 HAWED_0026 HAWED_0027 HAWED_0028 HAWED_0029 HAWED_0030 HAWED_0031 HAWED_0032 HAWED_0033 HAWED_0034 HAWED_0035 HAWED_0036 HAWED_0037 HAWED_0038 HAWED_0039 HAWED_0040 HAWED_0041 HAWED_0042 HAWED_0043 HAWED_0044 HAWED_0045 HAWED_0046 HAWED_0047 HAWED_0048 HAWED_0049

HAWED_0051 HAWED_0052 HAWED_0060 HAWED_0053 HAWED_0054 HAWED_0055 HAWED_0056

HAWED_0050 HAWED_0058

HAWED_0059 HAWED_0057

Ronnie and Peter are two very special people that I had the pleasure to get to know this spring and summer. They are such kind souls who adore their family and friends SO much. I’ve never seen so many hugs given out in one afternoon! Ronnie has a super fun and spunky personality and always puts others’ before herself – I mean it’s not very often you see a bride wait until the end of the buffet line on her own wedding day, because she wants to let everyone else enjoy first! Peter is her perfect complement with his soft spoken charm. Their wedding on June 15 at the Whittemore Robbins House in Arlington had so many wonderful touching elements from ‘hippy’ wildflowers to traditional Armenian dancing; I’m so excited to share them with you! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into your special day. I’m honored to have been a small part of it!

blog 1

blog 2

blog 3

Upon arrival to the ceremony, everyone was asked to take a small stone and keep it close. Later we learned that Ronnie and Peter had collected the stones on a walking path during their first date. Then the guests were asked to give a small silent blessing or kind wish for the couple and their continued life together. So meaningful and sweet!

blog 4

There were four elements to their ceremony: fire, water, wind, and earth. I love the expression on their faces here!

blog 5

blog 6

blog 7

blog 9

blog 10

One of my absolute faves from the day!


LOVE seeing Peter’s pure excitement here.

blog 11

blog 13

blog 14

Such a beautiful family!

blog 15

blog 12

Also, a BIG special thank you to my friend Kristina Smith for assisting and shooting with me for this great day. I’m so glad you were able join along for the ride!

Until next time, I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

This wedding was very special to me, not only because Amber & Dan used to be our downstairs neighbors who would chill out with us in the backyard grilling delicious food and watch outdoor movies, but because their wedding was so intimate and unique. You may remember them from the mini {Love Highlighted} session I posted last year, Retro Cuties. When discussing their plans, Amber reiterated to me several times how their main goals were to keep the day relaxed and fun, to have a sweet and private ceremony with their immediate family, then follow it up with a rockin’ reception to celebrate. I truly think they accomplished this, as it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Starting out with a morning ceremony on the Rhododendron Path in the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, even Mother Nature soon turned out with sunshine in spades! Then we took a quick trip to the nearby abandoned section of Franklin Park Zoo to give the bride and groom some quiet one-on-one time. Later we met up again at Bella Luna Restaurant & Milky Way Lounge for a great party, complete with some of the world’s most delicious pizza and homemade strawberry rhubarb pie. What more can a girl ask for? But seriously, when I got home and looked through the images, I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful colors throughout – from the pink rhododendrons to the green moss to the funky red and gold stars above our heads at the Milky Way. I am so glad and grateful to have been there to document their day and witness their commitment to each other. Amber & Dan, biggest congratulations to the both of you and little Zoey!

Huge thanks also go out to Kristina Smith for spending the day with me and helping to capture the day to the fullest!

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