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Now that you have your images downloaded in a .zip file, how do you open them?

Windows Vista and higher (7, 8, 10) come with a built-in utility for extracting the files (Mac users, skip ahead).

You can either double click the .zip file which will open in a file browser window (Windows Explorer).  From there, click the “Extract All Files” option from the toolbar and follow the extraction wizard.

Or, you can RIGHT click the .zip file and select “extract all files” and follow the extraction wizard.

By default, the extracted folder location will be in the same folder (Desktop, My Documents, etc.) as the .zip file and will have the same name.

For example, we downloaded “” to our Desktop.  After running through the extraction wizard, we now have a folder on our Desktop with the same name of “familyphotos-photo-download-part1of1”.  You’ll also notice two different icons.  One icon will be a folder with a zipper on it (.zip file) and the other will just be a normal folder.  The icon of the normal folder will be the extracted folder (where you will find your individual image files).

For Mac OS X computers, double click the .zip file and the file will automatically extract to a folder in the same location, just like Windows.  For newer versions of Mac OS X, the .zip is automatically extracted for you and the name of the folder will be “highlights”.

Hope that helps! Be sure to save your images for safe keeping in order to easily access them for sharing online or ordering wall art for your home. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions!

The day has come and your final images are ready! Now, what to do next? If you need a little help downloading them, just follow the instructions below.

First, open the email for your online gallery.  This email will contain your Gallery Password and Download PIN at the bottom.

The Gallery Password is used to access the images, and the Download PIN is used to download all the images in a compressed (.zip) format.

Here’s a sample email:

When you are ready to view your gallery and download the images, click the “View Photos” button inside the email.

If you are prompted for a gallery password, enter the password that was included in your email message. In the example email above, the password is “Sample1234”. Your passwords are case-sensitive.

Once in your gallery, you’ll be able to view all of your images.  You also have the ability to choose favorites, write notes, share on social media sites, purchase prints, and download the high resolution files.  Download options include individual files or the entire gallery at once as a compressed (.zip) file. Please note: if downloading the entire gallery, it must be done on a desktop or laptop computer. This is not supported on mobile devices. Individual images can be downloaded onto phones and tablets, however.

To download individual images, put your mouse/cursor over the image you want to download and click the download icon that appears in the top right corner of the image:

If you’d rather download them all together, skip this and go straight to the next step.

To download all images in your gallery at once, click the download icon near the top right of the gallery, next to the shopping cart icon:

The next screen will ask you for an email address and your 4-digit PIN.  Enter the address where you received the original email notification that your photos were ready for viewing.  Enter the PIN that was at the bottom of that same email (see 1st example screenshot above).

At the next screen, make sure the “Highlights” option is selected, then click the “Start Download” button:

The status screen is then displayed.  If you have a large collection (greater than 20 images) this can take some time to process.  You can either close this browser window and wait for the notification email to be sent, or keep this window open and wait for the process to finish. Grab a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine and peruse Facebook for a bit… 🙂

If you kept the window open while waiting for the website to finish processing, a link will be displayed once complete.  In this example, the file “” is a hyperlink to the zip file.  Your name may be different.  Click on this link to download the .zip file.

Please make sure to use the “Save” or “Save As” option and NOT the “Open” or “Run” option in your browser.  Save it to a location that makes it easy to find (either “Desktop”, “Documents”, “My Documents”, etc.)

If you opted to close the browser and wait for the email notification, open the email once it is received (subject: Your Photos for ________ are ready for download) and click the “Download Photos” button.  Please make sure to use the “Save” or “Save As” option and NOT the “Open” or “Run” option in your browser.  Save it to a location that makes it easy to find (either “Desktop”, “Documents”, “My Documents”, etc.)

You now have a .zip file which contains the high resolution images from your session. Need help extracting the .zip file?  Read my blog post Extracting your .zip archive.


In honor of Throwback Thursday, I present to you this adorable family!  They’ve since welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world and I couldn’t be happier for them! Loved looking through these images again this evening, hope you do too! <3


Hmm, how shall I even begin this blog post? I think I’ll pour a glass of wine and reminisce a while…

Holly and I go back basically as far as I can remember. We’ve known each other since we were about five years old, sitting on our kindergarten teacher’s multicolored carpet, learning our letters and numbers. One of my earliest memories is her first sleepover birthday party, playing hide and go seek with her hilarious Uncle Bum. We’ve stayed close friends throughout the years – riding bikes through the neighborhood on long summer days, goofing around as doubles partners on the JV tennis team, sharing a locker for most of high school, becoming (not so) fierce rivals while I went to Western Michigan University and she went to Central Michigan University (Go Broncos!), not to mention when she stood up in our wedding four short years ago. Despite the fact that our communication now exists primarily through text messages, I’m grateful that we still find the time to chat. I remember when she first started telling me about Brian after their first date. It seemed like a match made in heaven the way they were interested in so many of the same things. When she asked if I’d be interested in shooting a few images for a save the date, of course I couldn’t say no! It’s obvious that they are just smitten with each other, and I’m so so happy that my friend has found such an amazing guy to spend her life with. I will not be working on her wedding day, but rather partying it up and celebrating in style as Matron of Honor – and I can’t wait!


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