Wed: Heather & Andrew

This wedding may have taken place last summer, but it was one of my favorites in 2014 that I had the pleasure of shooting with Kristina Smith of Km Smith Photography. It was a roller coaster of a day, starting out with an urgent phone call from Kristina that she had been in a scary car accident. Shaken up and a little bruised but otherwise in okay shape, she was determined to carry on with the day so I was at the ready for whatever was needed! After shuffling some plans around, we made it to the venue perfectly on time and ended up having an incredibly fun marathon of a day. Meanwhile our lovely bride and groom were none the wiser, which is exactly what we wanted.

We started the day at the Marriott Long Wharf, where the bridal party got dressed in their best, then moved out into the courtyard for the couple’s ‘first look’. The ceremony took place at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in East Boston and then we finished out the evening at the New England Aquarium, as Heather has always loved visiting here and has a small (ok, major) obsession with mermaids. (Just check out her ah-mazing mermaid dress she quick-changed into for the last few minutes of the reception. What a knock out!) In the end we spent the day at an incredibly unique venue, with a fun and relaxed bridal party, and it was all topped off with a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for the road. What more could two photographers ask for?


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