{Love Highlighted}: Corson Family

Last month I was given the awesome opportunity to shoot an extended family session for my sweet coworker, Cara. It was a fun experience for me, most especially because she and her husband’s maternity shoot was one of my first photography sessions after moving to Massachusetts, after I decided I wanted to get serious about this new hobby of mine. Fast forward a couple of years and now Oscar is two years old and full of little boy energy! She had gifted the session to her parents as a thank-you and along with her brother and two excitable dogs, it made for a crazy and special afternoon. It was only last month and yet the sun drenched fall leaves seem so far away already. Sometimes looking through images like this really gets me through the cold winter days. Hope you enjoy a few of my fave selections!

2014-11-29_0001 2014-11-29_0003 2014-11-29_0004 2014-11-29_0005 2014-11-29_0002 2014-11-29_0006 2014-11-29_0007 2014-11-29_0008 2014-11-29_0010 2014-11-29_0009 2014-11-29_0011 2014-11-29_0012 2014-11-29_0013 2014-11-29_0014 2014-11-29_0015 2014-11-29_0018 2014-11-29_0016 2014-11-29_0017 2014-11-29_0019 2014-11-29_0020 2014-11-29_0021 2014-11-29_0022 2014-11-29_0023 2014-11-29_0024 2014-11-29_0025 2014-11-29_0026