{Love Highlighted}: Irey Family + a little catch up

Hello all, and happy spring to each and every one of you! I’ve been a bad little blogger lately and I’m feeling exceptionally guilty about it. However for what it’s worth, I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs for the past two months. In fact there has been quite a lot going on for me and the Esquibel household lately, starting with…

My husband and I are expecting! I found out in mid-March that I am pregnant with our first child. It has been quite the whirlwind for me ever since, between educating myself on the dos and the don’ts for the next nine months (and let’s face it, in pregnancy there are a heck of a lot more don’ts!), keeping track of the midwife and doctor appointments, announcing our news and making trips to visit our family and friends… the list goes on and on. I always knew it would be a bit of a challenge trying to start a business and a family at the same time, but now is the time where (in the words of Tim Gunn) I just need to “make it work”!

As if this weren’t enough to keep my days and nights busy, we are also in the process of buying our first home. We’ve had a goal to buy for several years now and we’re finally ready to make the leap. As much as I love our cozy rented apartment in the suburbs of Boston, I do NOT envision waddling my eight-month pregnant self up three flights of stairs several times a day come this fall. It’s just not happening.

So with that said, please accept my apologies for my recent silence. Rest assured there is plenty to come, starting with the adorable Irey Family! Earlier this month I had the wonderful honor of photographing a family session with some friends of mine back home. Not only do we go way back to our high school band and drama club days, but Casey is a professional wedding photographer and has been a source of inspiration, not to mention one of my big supporters, over the past few years. It goes without saying I was thrilled to shoot with them and their sweet boys! Here are a select few of my favorites: