{Love Highlighted}: Retro Cuties

I can’t wait to show off a few of my favorite shots of these two lovebirds from our super casual {Love Highlighted} session a few weekends ago. Dan and Amber are a super friendly and hip couple who happen to be my downstairs neighbors. Amber is an artist and Dan is a musician; they love pizza and they have a sweet little dog named Zoe – all of which are right up my alley! Mike began chatting with them soon after they moved in and found out they were engaged. What did he do with this information? He told them they should hire me as their photographer, of course! (I swear, my husband is always my best PR.) Luckily for me, they took his suggestion seriously and got in touch.

So a few weeks ago we met up at the Arnold Arboretum to chat about the big day and take a few romantic shots. It just happened to be Lilac Sunday and the place was PACKED! The walkways were filled with people and you could barely see through the fog of yellow pollen floating everywhere. But it was a gorgeous sunny day and it felt great to be outside… especially having the opportunity to get to know each other better and snag some of these shots! I’m really looking forward to shooting their intimate garden ceremony and funky Bella Luna Milky Way Lounge reception in 2014! Congratulations, guys!






2014-01-21_0016 2014-01-21_0019

2014-01-21_0020 2014-01-21_0014