Nature’s Wonderland Portrait Shoot

As a mom, it amazes me how quickly my children change and grow.  It seems like every few months my daughter has a slightly different look to her and I can’t quite put my finger on it as to what has changed.  Sometimes it literally stops me in my tracks – I see a familiar expression my husband makes, or a resemblance of my sister, or my father, and it takes me a minute to stop myself from staring.  Recently I decided to follow my own advice and have a couple new canvases printed for our home.  Looking through the newest images, there was a few seconds where she literally took my breath away and I felt a small rush of excitement inside.  As trite and cheesy as it sounds, it’s true! I realized I want to offer these types of sessions to parents so they can experience the same with their children.  So here’s the info, be sure to get in touch asap to reserve your date before the summer ends!