Published in the UK!

Ok, so it may not be ‘published’ in the way I hope to be one day (ahem, editorial spread) but nonetheless, I have to admit it’s still fun to see my image in a local UK newspaper! A colleague of mine was psyched beyond belief when his hometown football (soccer) team made it to Wembley for the League Cup Final. I couldn’t give you details of the championship because well, let’s be honest I don’t even follow my own hometown sports teams. But trust me, it was a huge deal for him and Bradford as a whole. Let’s just say it ranks in the top three experiences of his lifetime, and he’s married with one child.

Somehow he was able to catch the attention of a journalist back home (oh, the power of Twitter!) and she published an article in the local paper about his journey home for the game. He asked me to help him with a photo for the article and of course I was happy to oblige! He’s pictured with the folks who share our office space and work for Richmond University, an American International University in London. Coincidentally enough, one of the Bradford City players is a graduate of their Soccer Academy. We had to show our support!


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