Tending the Garden

This summer’s experiment of having our own garden plot at the Attleboro Community Garden has been met with a lot of trial and error, but it’s been a truly great experience! We are learning so much about the importance of time and tending the garden – it’s been a nice little metaphor for how we’ve been approaching this season as a family.  This past weekend, we all visited together and pulled some carrots to eat fresh from the soil.  Granted, they are imperfect and small.  We had some difficulties this spring spending the necessary time for watering and weeding, but somehow they managed to grow all the same.  Luckily now we’ve found our groove and we’re seeing improvements daily.  We are very grateful to several other experienced and talented gardeners who have helped us along the way.  We are looking forward to seeing how our little plot grows with the coming seasons and all the bountiful produce to come!

Note: Many of these beautiful flowers and plants belong to other gardeners in nearby plots. So many people have worked hard to create this lush and picturesque corner of our city!

Sweet Reverie Photography

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