Why Documentary?

You may be asking yourself, why choose documentary style and not just go the traditional route? 

One of the most wonderful aspects of investing in documentary photography is allowing yourself to let go of the pressures than can sometimes come with conventional portrait sessions.  Forcing smiles, spending precious time preparing coordinating outfits and flawless hair, stressing to schedule around meals and bedtimes… Documentary style photography is gaining more and more popularity every year and for good reason – you can completely drop the façade of the being the ‘perfect’ family and just be YOU.  These sessions still result in gorgeous wall-worthy images, but they have the incredible added value of being packed with personality.  They are the very best way to capture the nuances of your life as you currently live it, before things inevitably change and the next stage begins. They also lend themselves beautifully to albums, which means booking annual sessions can result in a priceless chronological anthology for your family.